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Business Planning

"Succession Planning Should Not be Ignored"

Do you have a written business plan . . . including details of all your systems and operations?   

Are your business interests adequately planned for . . . with a succession plan in place?

Have you addressed loss control issues for your business . . . and have the insurance in place to cover such losses?

Have you maximized all the available benefits from your business . . . such as deferred compensation plans?

If you're like most business owners, you think about your business about 90 percent of your waking hours.  Running a business is hard work, but the rewards are often immeasurable.Business Planning

Business owners need to remember that changes in their life situation will impact their businesses.  For example, you may be saving diligently for your retirement, but have you thought about what will happen to your business when you retire?  Will your children take over the family business, or will you sell it to a business partner or an outside party?  Perhaps you have implemented an income preservation plan so that your family's needs are taken care of should you become disabled or die prematurely, but are you thinking about your business as well?

At Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd., we can help make sure you have the right strategies in place to protect your business.  We can analyze your current situation and, if necessary, recommend a course of action to help put in place the right strategies for your business. 

Our business planning methodology includes:

bullet Business Succession
bullet Buy-Sell Agreements
bullet Non-Qualified Retirement Plans
bullet Key Employee Retention

For more information about developing an effective plan, give us a call.