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Education Planning

"Helping Your Children and Grandchildren"

Have you planned for and funded your children’s education? 
Or, do you wish to fund the education of other persons (grandchildren, etc.)?

College tuition costs continue to increase, while the savings and investment programs you have in place to fund your children's education may be in a constant state of flux.  Changes to your current lifestyle can also affect the amount of money you are contributing to education savings.

As your financial goals and needs change, your strategies must change to meet those goals and needs.  Education planning impacts other aspects of your wealth management, such as tax planning, investment planning, and estate planning.  Because your children's education - as well as your current and
future lifestyles - depend on the wealth you build up now,
it is important to regularly review your specific goals, and actively plan for education costs.

By conducting a review of your current financial plan, we can help you make sure you have an education plan suited
to your family's needs.  We can help make sure that the dreams you have for your children's education come true, and, if necessary, recommend a course of action to help your strategy keep pace with today's realities. 

At Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd., we recommend the right investment strategy based on your unique financial situation.  There are several unique ways to save and pay for education expenses:

bullet 529 Plans
bullet Uniform Gift to Minors Act / Uniform Transfer to Minors Act Accounts
bullet Trust Services

If you want to learn about the various savings options available to your for your child's education, give us a call!