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Estate Planning

"Take Care of Your Loved Ones"

Does your will match your wealth transfer wishes?    

Are your assets titled correctly, and have you set up the appropriate beneficiary designations that match your goals?  

Have you established and funded all the necessary trusts?

Do you need and have necessary planning documents (powers of attorney, health care directives, living will)?  

Have you done adequate estate planning?

If you're like most people, estate planning is not a topic you spend a lot of time thinking about.  That's understandable;  after all, who really wants to think about death?  You probably have a will in place, but when is the last time you reviewed it?  How can you be sure it's up-to-date?Estate Planning

Chances are you have experienced changes in your life since you drafted your will.  You might have gotten married or divorced, welcomed a child or grandchild, acquired or sold a business, or developed new future financial obligations, the estate plan that was adequate before may no longer be appropriate today.

By conducting a review of your current estate plan, we can help make sure you have the right plan in place for you and your family's needs.  We can make sure that your final wishes are safeguarded, and, if necessary, recommend a course of action to help your estate planning strategy keep pace with today's realities.

We focus on your estate planning goals and provide solutions to help reach those goals while attempting to minimize federal estate taxes.  Our solutions address:

bullet Wealth Transfer and Tax Reduction
bullet Trust Services
bullet Use of Insurance to Protect an Estate

For more information on how you can properly structure your estate plan to ensure that your assets are distributed as intended, give us a call.