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Investment Planning

"Diversification and Alternative Investments"

Is your asset allocation appropriate for your level of risk. . . and does it rebalance systematically?  

Are you happy with your rate of return . . . and will you meet your goals?

Have you set aside enough cash for emergencies . . . to cover three to six months of living expenses?

Are your annual investment contributions or withdrawals from investments on target with your goals?

Do you have annual reviews . . . or hear from your current financial advisor on a regular basis?

If you're like many people, you may have left your investments on autopilot.  You recognize the value in investment planning, but may find it too intimidating to tackle on your own.Investment Planning

Chance are you have had changes in your life since you last reviewed your investment portfolio, and the investment strategy that once was adequate for the future you had in mind may no longer be appropriate.

By examining your investment needs and your current holdings, we can help make sure you are on the right track to meet your goals.  We can analyze your holdings and help you chart a course of action. 

When you work with a highly qualified Moorman Harting Financial Advisor, we will develop a plan that includes:

bullet Integrated Asset Allocation and Portfolio Design
bullet Customized Asset Management Programs
bullet Diversification Strategies
bullet Alternative Investments

To learn more about how Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd. can customize a plan to preserve, manage and grow your assets, give us a call.