Payroll Services


Looking to outsource payroll?  

Would you like to implement direct deposit?

Having trouble complying with all of the federal, state,
and city regulations?

Here are some of the reasons why businesses use our payroll services:

bullet We can help streamline the process in order to save the business owner time.
bullet Our payroll department provides a personal touch and accomodates multiple items like cities, school districts, garnishments, prevailing wages, departments, and more.
bullet We provide tailored instructions that are easy to read and understand.
bullet Payroll reports are received in a timely & easy manner to ensure your employees are paid on time.
bullet We prepare all quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports necessary to comply with payroll authorities.
bullet Our fees are straightforward and competitive while other payroll service bureaus are notorious for "nickel and diming" their clients.

Payroll can be time consuming. By utilizing Moorman, Harting & Company's payroll services, you will find that you have simplified the process at this one stop! Our Payroll Team works along with our Tax, Accounting and Financial Services to offer you professional services in all areas.

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