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Retirement Planning

"Secure Your Family Dreams"

Have you projected your retirement financially . . . and know when you can retire?

Do you have personal retirement plans independent of your employer . . . and know that you are saving sufficiently?

Do you have a government-sponsored retirement plan . . . and understand the specifics of that investment?

When you envision your retirement, you likely think of a life filled with happiness, good health and prosperity.  However, the financial comfort you expect in retirement depends on the action you take today!Retirement Planning

With uncertainty in the U.S. economy and the workplace, it is imperative that you take control of your financial future now.  The savings and planning necessary to meet retirement goals varies for each individual.  This is why effective retirement planning requires the assistance of a professional financial advisor.

Our team at Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd. offers the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop a solid, understandable retirement plan that will help you enjoy a secure future.  Our approach begins with a discussion of your personal goals and needs.  We then evaluate your existing financial plan and investment options to determine how they fit into your overall retirement picture.  Our advisors determine what assets should be in tax advantaged accounts and from which resources your retirement income should be drawn.  The end result of our process is a plan tailored to the retirement lifestyle that you want to lead.

Our personalized retirement plans commonly include:

bullet 401(k) Rollovers
bullet Income Protection Analysis
bullet Fixed Income Strategies
bullet Qualified Plan Design and Compliance
bullet IRA's - Traditional and Roth

If you are ready to plan your retirement, give us a call.