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Special Situations

"Life-Changing Events That will Impact Your Financial Well-Being"

Do you have special situations, opportunities, or concerns?   

When you have a significant change in your life such as a marriage, a large inheritance, or a loSpecial Situationsttery win or a challenge such as a serious illness, incapacitation, or divorce, you and your family will encounter financial and emotional stress.  The key to coping with these sudden changes is careful preparation.

At Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd., we make sure you are prepared before you are faced with difficult choices or unexpected disruptions.  We develop a safety net that supports your wealth management plan by covering any life situation that needs special attention.  In order to prepare for any special situations, we examine the following and then devise a solid plan;

bullet How your wealth management plan would be affected by divorce
bullet How to protect your assets from creditors
bullet The impact of a personal injury lawsuit on your assets
bullet Ways that your financial resources can adequately provide for:
- Dependent Care
- Death or disability of a spouse or loved one
- Merging your money when you marry

For more information about our special situations planning, give us a call.