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Tax Planning & Preparation

"It is Not What You Make, it is What You Keep"

Do you use all reasonable means to reduce your federal and state taxes?

Do you use tax-advantaged investments appropriate for you . . . such as tax free or tax deferred?

Have you considered investments which provide appropriate passive losses  . . . or other tax benefits?   

If you're like most Americans, you don't like taxes.  At best, taxes are a necessary evil; at worst, they are a burden.  Perhaps your attitude towards taxes is to give them as little thought as possible - just get the unpleasant obligation out of the way. 

We can help make sure you take steps to reduce your taxes when possible.  We'll analyze your current options and recommend a course of action to help you take a bite out of your taxes.  Due to our backgrounds as CPA's, we identify unique tax strategies by reviewing and analyzing your complete financial picture - your assets, investments, future financial situation, and long-term goals. 

Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd. professionals specialize in both the financial-advisory and the tax sides of financial planning, making us uniquely aware of opportunities to create and maintain a tax-efficient portfolio.  We have access to research and technology that allow us to apply the latest tax laws to your financial plan.  Our team will work with you to maximize the after-tax return on your investments.

Our individual tax-planning services include:

bullet Income Tax Planning and Preparation
bullet Tax-Advantaged Investing
bullet Charitable Planning

For more information about how Moorman, Harting Financial Services, Ltd. can help you preserve your wealth through strategic tax planning, please give us a call!